Consumer products


Rai Com manages all rights and trademarks belonging to Rai and third party companies through the caruful monitoring of the entire value chain related to the commercial development of a brand. The Consumer Product division oversees the development of a trademark, from the brand building phase (through the management of marketing activities targeting consumers and retailers), right up to the stipulation of commercial agreements between Italian companies and their international counterparts.

Our current catalogue includes:  Giulio Coniglio”, “Mölang“, “Paf il Cane”, “Seven & Me”,  “Pumpkin Reports (click for video).


Since 2014, RaiCom has made its mark as a frontline publisher in the newsagent sector and has launched countless initiatives inspired by successful and highly focused TV game shows. The monthly Detto Fatto magazine and the weekly Reazione a Catena (a collection of puzzles and brain teasers) are two examples of the many works published to date.