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Il commissario Ricciardi/Commissioner Ricciardi, tonight the second episode of the new season on Rai 1

A new inquiry for Commissioner Ricciardi, the investigator created by writer Maurizio De Giovanni and portrayed by...

13 March 2023

Home Video

Rai Com Tv Series, new releases in home video 

The most beautiful tv stories finally available in home video: La porta rossa 3/The Red Door 3 and Il nostro...

10 March 2023

Music publishing

The Ladies’ Paradise, soundtrack of the fifth season daily now available

Milan, 1960s. The most exclusive department store in the city where protagonists unveil their stories, The Ladies’...

9 March 2023

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Mare Fuori/The Sea Beyond, record of audience in february on Raiplay, tonight the 4th appointment of the show on Rai 2

More than 105 millions views on RaiPlay and over 45 million hours of online traffic in February alone for MARE...

8 March 2023

Cartoons On The Bay

Monica Manganelli creates the 27th edition “Cartoons On The Bay” poster

A tribute to surrealist painting and to theater masks with a reference to the first historical festival logo, Monica...

7 March 2023

Music publishing

Commissioner Ricciardi, tonight on Rai 1. Nicola Tescari composes the soundtrack 

Following up a very successful first season, Commissioner Ricciardi/Il Commissario Ricciardi is finally ready for new...

6 March 2023

Cartoons On The Bay

Film Director Ari Folman celebrated with Career Award at ‘Cartoons On The Bay’

Pescara, May 31 / June 4, 2023 Israeli film director, screenwriter and composer Ari Folman will receive the Pulcinella...

6 March 2023

Music publishing

Piano Nascosto, by Massimo Buffetti, first live performance 

On March 3rd 2023 (9pm), at the Shalom Theatre in Empoli, composer Massimo Buffetti will debut live with his...

2 March 2023

Music publishing

Mare Fuori/The sea beyond, music by Stefano Lentini great protagonist

Musical sounds that follow the characters of Italian drama Mare Fuori/The Sea Beyond, their stories,...

1 March 2023


Novecento The Movies, Il Gattopardo/The Leopard is the most popular film on the channel

Novecento – The Movies is an on-demand channel edited by Rai Com that offers all of the Italian cinema that...

28 February 2023