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A daily window on Italy: history, culture, economics, politics, news and sport in every corner of the world

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A daily window on Italy: history, culture, economics, politics, news and sport in every corner of the world

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Italians in the world

With a consolidated presence in 174 countries on five continents and over 200 partnerships, Rai Com provides Italians living and residing abroad with a fundamental link to our country

Our channels

Rai 1

The first channel

The channel of the Sanremo Festival, of Porta a Porta, of TG1, of Uno Mattina, of drama. Rai 1 is synonymous with family entertainment, news, sports, variety and talk shows, with programming that varies between the week and the weekend to suit the audience

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Rai 2

The channel of innovation

Series, films, satire, formats, concerts and festivals. Rai 2 caters for the needs of younger audiences, often focusing on social issues and live reports

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Rai 3

Art, science, culture

This is the channel dedicated to science, history and art, to programmes and investigations on health, economics and current affairs. With programming that prioritises premium Italian and foreign auteur films, travel, nature and environmental documentaries

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Rai News 24

The Italian all-news channel

The voice of Italy in the world in real time. The latest news, sports, culture, economics, analysis and reports on Italian and international current affairs

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Rai Scuola

Education and dialogue

In synergy with the Ministry of Education, and with the aim of educating, this channel targets students, foreign residents in Italy, and those who think it is never too late to learn something new

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Rai Storia

Contemporary history and politics

Biographies of today’s most influential personalities, politics, literature, classic films, documentaries and interviews. Our time examined through the lens of history

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Rai Italia

The best of Rai for Italians abroad

Variety, sports and live Serie A football, drama, documentaries, films, music, news, chat shows, art, culture, lifestyle. Rai’s biggest successes and a range of original programmes for Italian communities around the world

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Rai World Premium

The best of Italian drama

The best Italian productions represented by the most popular titles, enriched with exclusive backstage content to complete the viewer experience

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Rai Radio 1

A live radio on the world

Rai’s first radio station for programming dedicated to news, sport, analysis and entertainment. Always live

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Rai Radio 2

For the younger generation

Radio for younger audiences: ideas and personalities, with a mix of light entertainment programmes and more direct content, music. From a broadcaster always connected to the internet and social media

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Rai Radio3

Culture to listen to

A unique radio space in which history, ideas and art are the stars

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Club Channels

The football network of two halves

Rai Com distributes the club channels of two of the biggest and most popular teams in the Italian Serie A championship: Inter Channel and Lazio Style Channel. Two channels that broadcast all day, every day. In addition to the teams’ matches, content ranges from exclusive interviews with the players to football news and programmes, from the UEFA Champions League and Academy matches through to pre-season friendlies