Enhancing, supporting and promoting the regions, businesses, art and culture of Italy: the excellence of our country.

Rai Com is founded on the strong belief that Italy’s heritage must be supported and communicated with the same quality that makes it so unique.


For this reason, Rai Com carries out various activities and pursues diverse and innovative projects, all with the same goal.


A commitment that involves the protection, distribution and marketing – nationally and internationally – of the rights to audiovisual works: from TV to cinema, from radio to literary works to graphics, in order to showcase our unique creativity.


Support that also encourages the creation of new works, with the funding and production of music, books and dedicated magazines, and their distribution through digital and physical channels, such as shops, bookshops and newsstands.


And that’s not all.
Thanks to Rai Com, partners can access Rai’s studies, expertise and technical activities, as well as support for commercial agreements aimed at the enhancement of non-production spaces.

Through its dedicated section, Rai Com exports the history of Italian sport, distributing audiovisual library rights, creating and managing thematic channels focused on marketing.


Supporting companies and their brands is also an integral part of the Rai Com mission. A partner – also strategic – for the structuring of brand awareness activities and the realisation of communication campaigns on Rai network channels and platforms.