“Cartoons On the Bay” international jury awards

French success in as many as four categories. For Italy and Rai, an award goes to Bruno Bozzetto with “Sapiens?”

A full sweep for France in the 28thᵃ edition of “Cartoons On The Bay,” the animation festival promoted by Rai and organized by Rai Com, in collaboration with the Abruzzo Region and the Municipality of Pescara, with four awards across the eight competition categories.

For Italy, Bruno Bozzetto triumphed with “Sapiens?”, a production by Studio Bozzetto and Rai Kids, in the Best Short Film category.

The awards were presented by the international jury, which included Silvia Ziche (cartoonist), John Musker (director, screenwriter and producer), Nathalie Martinez (Diboos president), Emanuele Vietina (director of Lucca Crea), and Amy Ash (head of the Character and Groom department of Axis Studios).

Pulcinella Award Best Preschool TV Show (2-4 years)

“Sam & Julia, The Mouse Mansion” directed by Régis Vidal (France)

An intriguing story combined with a unique animation. The sweet and lovely characters lead to a very beautiful and delicate ending. The setting based on seeing inside the building is very peculiar.

Pulcinella Award Best Upper Preschool TV Show (4-6 years)

“The Super Heroes of Nature” directed by Charlotte Schmidt e Mathieu Rolin (France)

The mixed animation of live action and simple elements are the key of his success. A challenging film with an alternative ending that catches the audience with intelligence.

Pulcinella Award Best Kids TV Show (7-11 years)

“Coop Troop” directed by Christelle Naga (UK)

Suggestive and imaginative.  the characters are funny and the animation is lighting, It brings the story to life in an enchanting way.

Pulcinella Award Best Youth Tv Show (11+)

“Samuel” directed by Emilie Tronche (France)

A sophisticated and very well-crafted story. The characters, with very simple psychological traits, and a realistic story makes it an extremely unique film.

Pulcinella Award Best Interactive Animation

“Alan Wake 2” (Finland)

Visually very well done. Although it is a videogame, from a cinematic view, the animation is great. The graphic provides a focused experience.

Pulcinella Award Best Live Action and/or Hybrid TV Show

“Gangnam Project” directed by Romeo Candido and Nathalie Younglai (Germany)

An intense and intercultural work, with a dynamic rhythm. The different settings and appealing characters evoke powerful emotions. 

Pulcinella Award Best TV Series Pilots

“Froggie” directed by Christophe Pinto e Mathieu Gouriou (France)

Funny and engaging vocal tracks, mixed with an interesting design. The storyline is simply great, engaging the audience deeply. 

Pulcinella Award Best Short Film

“Sapiens?” directed by Bruno Bozzetto (Italy)

Compelling and bizarre! The spider character steals the show. Bozzetto’s touch is also visible in the ecological values that the film wants to share, aiming at elicitin deep emotions.