Rai 1, Linea Verde – along the Saracen Coast on April 14th, at 12:20pm

The captivating Calabria takes center stage on Linea Verde. On Sunday, April 14th at 12:20 PM, tv hosts Peppone Calabrese, Livio Beshir, and Margherita Granbassi will set off along the Saracen Coast, starting from the ruins of the sanctuary of Hera at Capo Colonna to reach Cirò Marina. Peppone will meet with breeders of Podolic cows, an ancient breed that still lives in symbiosis with the territory. The richness of the pastures provides unique and excellent products such as aged pecorino cheese and ricotta that Livio will discover in the Murge di Strongoli. Margherita will travel by bicycle along the valley of the Neto River, a natural, cultural, and magnificent route. The episode is produced in collaboration with the Calabria Region.