Màkari, third season now available on DVD

Starting today, the third season of Màkari, the drama series starring Claudio Gioè as the journalist-investigator Saverio Lamanna, directed by Maurizio Soavi, is available on DVD, in stores and digital platforms. Alongside the “pen cop” (sbirro di penna), beloved Suleima and the formidable Piccionello deal with four new murder cases. The backdrop includes the terrible feud between two ex-girlfriends of the protagonist; a mystery rooted in the tragic history of the city of Gibellina; a literary festival marred by the death of an old love of Marilù; and a presumed accident inside a beautiful thermal center. The cast also includes Domenico Centamore, Ester Pantano, Antonella Attili, Serena Iansiti, and Eugenio Franceschini.