Novecento – The Movies, Rai Com on-demand channel available on Prime Video releases its March titles, including Proietti, Toto’, Franco and Ciccio 

Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia highlight comedies The Two Firemen (1968) by Bruno Corbucci, and Story of Fear and Knife – The Sequel of the Best (1972) by Mario Amendola; Totò, Walter Chiari and Virna Lisi stars for Sergio Corbucci in The Shortest Day (1963). The monthly dramas include Mauro Bolognini’s The Inheritance (1975) with Gigi Proietti;Charles Bronson in Terence Young’s western Red Sun (1971); Irene Galter and Alberto Farnese in Basilio Franchina’s Trouble for the Legion (1953).  Novecento – The Movies, the on-demand channel dedicated to cult-movies edited by Rai Com is available on TV, tablet and smartphone offering over 220 films. 

February 26, 2024 (N. 50)