Rai 1, Linea Bianca in Castelsaraceno, Province of Potenza, on February 3 at 2 pm

Built in 1031 by Saracens near ancient Planula, originally a lookout, Castelsaraceno offers a breathtaking panorama on the surrounding mountains of uncontaminated nature. Located in the Basilicata Region, Castelsaraceno rises on Mount Pollino at 2.248 meters high, where local traditions and great sense of hospitality of the local population contribute to the experience of a unique journey in the Region. Hosts Massimiliano Ossini, Giulia Capocchi and Lino Zani  will take the Rai 1 audience on a visit to San Chirico Raparo, in San Severino Lucano, then to cross the world’s longest Tibetan bridge: 586 metres long, which stands mid-air over the canyon crossed by the Raganello torrent, halfway between the Pollino National Park and the Lucano Apennine National Park – Val d’Agri Lagonegrese. This contribution falls under a license agreement between Rai Com and the Municipality of Castelsaraceno.