Novecento – The Movies, Rai Com on-demand channel available on Prime Video releases its January titles 

From art comedies to adventures films and dramas, six new titles for the January release are now available: In the Popes Eye (1980) directed by Renzo Arbore with Manfred Freyberger, Renzo Arbore, Roberto Begnini, Isabella Rossellini, Andy Luotto and Luciano De Crescenzo,Bonnie and Clyde Italian Style (1982) directed by Steno with Ornella Muti and Paolo Villaggio, Rosmunda and Alboino (1961) directed by Carlo Campogallian with Jack Palance, Photo-Romance (1986) and Popcorn and Potato Chips (1984) directed by Mariano Laurenti with Nino D’Angelo, The Naked Maya (1958) directed by Henry Koster and Mario Russo with Ava Gardner and Anthony Franciosa.Novecento – The Movies, the on-demand channel dedicated to cult-movies edited by Rai Com is available on TV, tablet and smartphone.