Rai 3, GEO from Pollino National Park 

The Pollino National Park covers thousands of hectares of land and straddles two regions, Basilicata, also known as Lucania, and Calabria. On December 18 at 4:20 pm, Rai 3. GEO will dedicate the program to the park that has become a destination for mindful tourism. From the “Pino Loricato », an ancient tree with prehistoric origins that represents endurance and adaptation, to the many opportunities for sports activities such as tracking, cross-country skiing and rafting along the Lao river. From the Campotenese plain to the Catasta, a building designed by architect Mario Cucinelli that represents the park’s first touristic and cultural hub. The itinerary will include local gastronomy: truffles, medicinal herbs, cultivation of the “fagiolo poverello” (poor bean), a tradition handed down from past generations and recovered by young agricultural entrepreneurs. The program takes place within the scope of the convention agreement between Rai Com and the Region of Calabria.