SIAE MUSIC AWARDS. Rai Com, CEO Sergio Santo on the award to drama series Sopravissuti by composer Stefano Lentini 

At the conclusion of the SIAE ceremony celebrating Italy’s most successful authors and publishers, Sergio Santo, Rai Com CEO, commented with pride the victory of the award: « Maestro Stefano Lentini winning the Siae Music Awards in the TV soundtrack category for the drama series Sopravvissuti reaffirms his extraordinary talent, supported by the great production contribution of our in-house Edizioni Musicali Rai Com. With 60 soundtracks produced and co-produced in the last three years, this recognition encourages our ongoing efforts. Rome based, Stefano Lentini has composed and produced music extensively for film, television and theatre, working in a large variety of genres, screened in Italy and around the world. Among his collaborations with Edizioni Musicali Rai Com,  Mare Fuori / The Sea Beyond, winner of platinum disc award.