SIAE Music Awards, Rai Com soundtracks in the nominations

Three soundtracks published by Edizioni Musicali Rai Com are among the five finalists in the TV Soundtrack category at the SIAE Music Awards, awards that celebrate the most successful Italian authors and publishers, in Italy and abroad.

Competing for the coveted award are the music scores from the drama series Sopravissuti by Stefano Lentini and Vincenzo Malinconico, avvocato d’insuccesso by Giorgio Giampà, for the TV movie Tutto per mio figlio by Paolo Vivaldi.

The SIAE Music Awards ceremony will take place in Milan on Saturday, Nov. 25.

In the past three years, Edizioni Musicali Rai Com has produced and co-produced sixty soundtracks thanks to a strong partnership with some of the most prestigious composers and emerging music talents. Among the various successful music scores we recall two Platinum Records for the drama series Mare Fuori by composer Stefano Lentini with a group of young artists.