Imma Tataranni, third season ensures Rai 1 a growing audience 

On October 3rd, Rai 1 will broadcast the second episode of popular drama, co-produced by Rai Fiction, IBC Movie and Rai Com, directed by Francesco Amato and Kiko Rosatiof. 
The new episode Liberaci dal Male, sees Matera’s Deputy Prosecutor confronted to an unexpected and challenging new reality when her colleague Marshal Calogiuri awakes from coma. Rai Com’s international distribution has already established audience and critics participation of the show in several countries, from France to Spain, from Finland to the USA.
The music by composer Andrea Farri, co-published and co-produced by Rai Com, follows the narration of the TV series. Soundtrack of all seasons and episodes are available on digital stores. The first two seasons of Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor are available on DVD.