Linea Verde, new season starts from Calabria 

From the Pollino massif to the sea, the province of Cosenza is the chosen location to welcome the first episode of the new season of tv program Linea Verde, airing on Rai 1 on September 17th at 12:20.
Peppone Calabrese, Livio Beshir and Margherita Granbassi will start their circuit from an enchanting agricultural estate, up on the Castrovillari hills where ancient and native wines are studied. From Castrovillari, tv hosts will head to Morano Calabro, a village where artisans will talk of their local traditions, proceeding to the mountain hamlet of Campotenese. 
The hiking will give the opportunity to the Rai 1 audience to discover the natural treasures and the ongoing projects of valorization of the mountain, as well as the extraordinary culinary products of the area.
Linea Verde will finalize its destination at the Piana di Sibari and the Altomonte village where the art of terracotta and goldsmithing is preserved.
The Rai 1 tv program is produced under a license agreement between Rai Com and the Region of Calabria.