Novecento – The Movies, comedies, dramas and adventures for the September release

Six new films enrich this month programming of the Rai Com on-demand channel dedicated to cult-movies. Italian and international Classics, The Son of the Sheik (1978) directed by Bruno Corbucci with Tomas Elian and Bo Svenson, Long Live Robin Hood (1970) directed by Giorgio Ferroni with Giuliano Gemma, Battle of the Words (1961) directed by Antonio Margheriti with Claude Rains. The musical If I No Longer Had You (1965) directed by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti stars young Gianni Morandi and Laura Efrikian, The Gypsy (1975) directed by José Giovanni with Alain Delon, Dream of Zorro (1975) directed by Mariano Laurenti with Franco Franchi. The on-demand channel dedicated to cult-movies, Novecento – The Movies, is edited by Rai Com and available on Prime Video.