Novecento – The Movies, a summer season of great films for great fun!

The August lineup of the on-demand channel Novecento – The Movies edited by Rai Com is now available on the Prime Video platform. Highlight of the summer programming is the famous “Commedia All’italiana”, the Italian-style comedy. From “Lobster for Breakfast” (1979) directed by Giorgio Capitani with Enrico Montesano, to “Funny Burglers” (1973) with Pippo Franco directed by Mariano Laurenti and “The Slowpoke” (1974) with Turi Ferro directed by Paolo Cavara. Among the new titles, “Queens Logic” (1981) directed by Steve Rash with Kevin Bacon, Linda Fiorentino and John Malkovich, “Teenage Emanuelle” (1976) casting a young Annie Belle, film directed by Massimo Dallamano. The great cinema that made history is available on Novecento – The Movies, the channel.