Linea Verde Estate, The Riviera of Sunsets on Rai 1

Linea Verde Estate, focus on the nature, the art and the traditions of Calabria, on Rai 1 on July 23rd at 12:20. The Rai 1 tv hosts Angela Rafanelli and Peppone Calabrese will visit the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia known as the Riviera of Sunsets, the famous kite-surfers destination Gizzeria Lido located on the seaside of village Amantea to watch fishermen repair nets and salt fish, and Conflenti where artisans craft baskets with chestnut and turkey oak wood, an ongoing tradition. In this weekly episode of Linea Verde Estate, tv hosts will spend time with local people listening to their stories, Giuseppe’s passion for bagpipes, former biologist Maria who raises Saanen breed of goats.Linea Verde Estate is produced under the license agreement between Rai Com and the Region of Calabria.