RAUL GARDINI, on Rai 1 the docu-fiction with music by Francesco Cerasi

The Moro of Venice and the challenge for the America’s Cup, an extraordinary adventure linked to the name of Raul Gardini. From that sporting feat that thrilled an entire country starts the docu-fiction directed by Francesco Miccichè, that tells of the entrepreneur from Ravenna in his final years, his ties to the family and to the home land, his view on the world to his own dreams. The music score of composer Francesco Cerasi, published by Edizioni Musicali Rai Com, matches perfectly the narration of ‘Raul Gardini’ unique life story. The first viewing of the docu-fiction is scheduled on Rai 1 on Sunday July 23rd. Among the cast, Fabrizio Bentivoglio in the role of the entrepreneur, Pilar Fogliati and Helene Nardini.