Linea Verde, discovering Val di Funes in South Tyrol

The astonishing beauty of the region of Bolzano where nature is preserved by the local population. TV hosts Beppe Convertini and Peppone will take us on a journey across a 16km valley where modernity and tradition cohabitate in a virtuous balance and where the energy is produced exclusively from renewable resources. On Sunday, June 11th, at 12:20 p.m., Beppe Convertini and his e-bike will ride through pastures and forests to visit farms and farmsteads while Peppone will walk through a ‘slow food circuit’ discovering local traditions of food, animals and people: the coloured eggs, the wild bred bees, the sheep with glasses that are the oldest breed of sheep in South Tyrol. The presenters will also visit an ancient mining area from which precious stones were extracted for making jewellery.The tv program is produced through a licensing agreement between the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and Rai Com.