All the awards of the 27th edition

Ari Folman’s Anna Frank wins best animated feature, good ranking for Italy with two awards for Rai Kids

The 27th edition of Cartoons on the Bay, the Festival of Television Animation, Transmedia, and Meta-Art, promoted by Rai and directed by Roberto Genovesi for Rai Com, in collaboration with the Abruzzo Region and the Municipality of Pescara, concludes with the awards ceremony.

During the four days in Pescara, the event saw a large audience of all ages and many industry professionals. There was also a great turnout for the many initiatives proposed by Rai Com in Piazza Salotto for children and teenagers.

For the Animated Feature category, the Jury composed of Flavio Natalia (Director, Ciak), Pedro Armocida (Essayist and Journalist), and Max Giovagnoli (Transmedia Producer), awarded the following prizes:

Best Animated Feature – Where Is Anne Frank by Ari Folman (Belgium) produced by Le Pacte: for the narrative elegance, technical and artistic skill with which it approaches our History, for the lightness and sobriety of the gaze through which everything in the story magically oscillates between reality and imagination, lightly touching characters and the audience with depth and subtlety.

The film also wins the Pulcinella Ciak d’Oro, awarded by Flavio Natalia, Ciak director: for a work that successfully uses different animation techniques to narrate a story with great civil impact, in an original and highly effective way that speaks with the new generations.

Best Director – Metamorphosis by Michele Fasano (Italy) produced by Sattva Films Production and School srl: for the ability to bland animation styles, materials, and languages, from live action to reportage, showing to have embraced the most mature lesson of the contemporary techniques in an intimate and original way.

Best Screenplay – Oops, I Murdered The Person The Person I Like Likes by Ross Ozarka (New Zealand) produced by Ross Ozarka Films: for the great creative ability in transitioning from script to film and for the evocativeness of the text and the minimalism of its production solution.

Best Animation – The Amazing Maurice by Toby Genkel (Germany) produced by Ulysses Filmproduktion GmbH, Cantilever Media Limited: for successfully combining the rhythm of musicals, wordplay from children’s literature, and the passion for “animal stars” and contemporary 3D animation character design in a fun and technically effective way.

Best Soundtrack – Saleem by Cynthia Madanat Sharaiha (Jordan) produced by Digi Tales: for the ability to depict the Middle East with depth and beyond stereotypes, making music and sound work an essential part of the narrative, experience, and empathic capacity of the characters.

The Jury composed of Alain Bidard (Director), Alessia Di Giacomo (Platforms and channels Director, RTVE Corporación), Marco Lanzarone (Director of Specialized Digital Radio and Podcasts), Arne Lohmann (Junior Vice President, ZDF Studios) and Ian Mackinnon (Creative Director, Executive Producer & Founder, Mackinnon & Saunders Ltd), awarded the following works :

Best Preschool TV Show – Leo’s World by Dario Piana (Italy) produced by Rai Kids and Brand-Cross srl: for treating this sensitive topic with such delicacy so that even children with autism can feel the understanding. For the depth with which the characters were conceived.

Best Upper Preschool TV Show – Team Nuggets by Michael Hegner & Tor Fruergaard (Denmark) produced by Sparre Production: for its depth of directorial achievement, its ability to engage the audience, for the way the stories are told and how it manages to deal with emotions and for the skill with which it creates a deep connection with the audience.

Best Kids TV Show – Mystery Lane by Cédric Lachenaud (France) produced by Harry Studios: for the engaging and sophisticated story, the high quality of the egregiously elaborate and dynamic animation, as well as the direction, which dealt expressively with the subject matter.

Best Youth Tv Show – Clay Economy by Bibiana Petrera and Monica Fibbi (Italy) produced by Uffa srl: for the originality with which the economy was presented to children. An unprecedented idea, the execution of which was well done. For the comedy with which the topic was approached, a new format that deals with a complex issue in a very original way.

Best Interactive Animation – Hogwarts Legacy (USA) produced by Avalanche Software: for high interactivity. The space in which the story is set is far from reality, surprising and unexpected, able to engage the audience and make the plot compelling.

Best Live Action Or Hybrid Tv Show – Mimi’s World by Aidan Largey (United Kindom) produced by Adastra Development: for the high degree of engagement present throughout the work, for the exceptional design and for the interaction with the children, who are involved through the vibrancy and many colors. For the high quality, engaging and target audience-friendly work that facilitates children’s access to the imaginary world of the series.

Best TV Pilot – Freaked Out Train Brain by Théo Grosjean, Timothy Richard (France) produced by Autour de Minuit: for its originality, and ability to engage the audience. The concise animation, suspense and design helped to enthuse the audience.

Best Short Film – Caramelle by Matteo Panebarco (Italy) produced by Panebarco srl and Mediterraneo Cinematografica: for the touching story that together with the style and setting made it possible to create a unique work, and a unique way of telling a compelling story. For the great ability to represent the category in which it is placed, thanks to high-quality animation and character design.

The «  Targa UNICEF – Special Award to the Best Product with a Social Character » was awarded to: Nel mare ci sono I coccodrilli, by Rosalba Vitellaro (Italy) produced by Rai Kids and Larcadarte.

A moving storytelling of Enaiatollah Akbari, an Afghan child forced to leave his country alone, to save himself from war, violence, and poverty. Enaiatollah is symbolic of all children that are running away in search of a safe place, where to find their own. In each country he crosses,  the child encounters strange and incomprehensible creatures: humans who become “human again” only after an act of compassion and kindness. Children are children and it makes no difference where they come from, they have their own rights and all deserve the same fair chance. International laws must regulate and ensure that this happens, and the day to day human actions can concretely make the difference.

Meta Award to Hello Kitty, Sanrio co Ltd: for the ability of reaching different targets, from children to adults, through operations related to the Hello Kitty brand within the metaverse environment.

Gender Award to Monica Manganelli: for the capacity of outlining  with vigor and original artistic talent the women’s rights battle and the female condition through the representation of heroines out of time.

As announced during the festival, the following Awards were presented:

Career Award to Ari Folman: for his great ability to use animation as a valuable means of historical disclosure.

Career Award to Peter Lord: for his sublime ability to give a soul to plasticine puppets, transforming the characters into great performers capable of acting with the expressive pliability and an irony comparable to the greatest films talents.

Studio of the Year Award to Mackinnon & Saunders: for supporting the stop motion animation worldwide for 30 years and inspiring two generations of children, continuing to experiment with every possible technique.

Transmedia Award to Cuphead: with an interactive work that already honored an unbounded love for classic animation, reaching success thanks to the animated series, StudioMDHR has crafted an unprecedented new transmedia experience.