Tv Series. “Vivere non è un gioco da ragazzi” broadcasted on Rai1, soundtrack by Maurizio Filardo

A wrong choice, despair, a sense of guilt. But also admitting one’s responsibilities and the desire to seek forgiveness and redemption. “Vivere non è un gioco da ragazzi”, the miniseries directed by Rolando Ravello airing on Rai 1 and available on RaiPlay, tells the story of Lele, a student who sells drugs for easy money on behalf of a dealer. An age mate loses his life, and the protagonist must come to terms with the tragedy and the decision to turn himself in. The drama, which explores the parent-child relationship, casts Stefano Fresi, Nicole Grimaudo, Claudio Bisio, Lucia Mascino, and Riccardo De Rinaldis. The soundtrack by Maurizio Filardo is published by Rai Com Edizioni Musicali and available on all music platforms.

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