‘O Mar For’ – platinum disc award to series «  Mare fuori/The sea beyond » theme song

With over 35 million of streamings, the single ‘O Mar For’ published by Edizioni Musicali Rai Com is certified platinum. Soundtrack of the series is distributed by Believe Italia, all three seasons have already exceeded 54 million of streamings. The single ‘O Mar For’ was included in 19 playlists, with two playlists covers, made it in the Top 100 singles, and Top 50 Italy. Luca Daher, Believe Italia managing director, and his team, will award Rai Com’s CEO Angelo Teodoli, composers Stefano Lentini and Lorenzo Gennaro, and actor Raiz (also singing voice of ‘O Mar For’ in the third season) in a ceremony scheduled on April 12th (11am) at Rai Com’s headquarters in Via Novaro 18, Rome.

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