Gianni Minà, the human and ironic narration of life and sport. The condolence of Rai Com

Through empathy, respect and irony, Gianni Minà conquered confidence from legendary athletes, musicians, entertainment and films stars, politicians and states leaders as well as the public who followed his telling of the world -on paper and television- with a long-term loyalty and affection. Gianni Mina’, who died yesterday in Rome at the age of 84, nurtured his original and passionate narrative with personal intuitions and curiosities. Famous his interviews to Diego Maradona, Federico Fellini, Muhammad Ali, Robert De Niro, Fidel Castro, and many more. RAI – Radio Televisione Italiana was Gianni’s home for decades, on popular programs like Rai 2 L’Altra Domenica and Blitz. Rai Com President, Teresa De Santis, Rai Com Managing Director, Angelo Teodoli, Rai Com Board of Directors wish to express their warmest condolences to the family for their loss, underlining the important cultural and civil heritage left by Gianni Mina’ in Italy’s 20th century.