Novecento The Movies, new authors’ films for the april release 

New titles released on «Novecento – The Movies», the on-demand channel on Prime Video dedicated to cult movies, edited by Rai Com. From April 1st, nine new titles will be available: «  All These Women » directed by Ingmar Bergman, «  Confidentially Yours, Love on the Run » and «  A Gorgeous Girl Like Me » directed by François Truffaut, «  The Berlin Affair » directed by Liliana Cavani, «  Crystal or Ash, Fire or Wind, As Long As It’s Love » directed by Lina Wertmuller. The spring releases also include «  When Women Were Called Virgins » directed by Aldo Grimaldi, «  Do You Pay Your Taxes » directed by Mino Guerrini, «  The Complex of Doctor Gaudenzi », a widower surrounded by temptation, directed by Gianni Grimaldi.