Il commissario Ricciardi/Commissioner Ricciardi, the second season from 6 march

Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi is an investigator out of the ordinary, a generous man, reserved, passionate about his work and with a gifted talent that is at the same time a curse. In fact, Ricciardi has the ability to see the ghosts of the violent deaths victims he is investigating, hearing their last thoughts…

Adapted from Maurizio De Giovanni’s novel, the second season takes us back to Naples in the thirties. The drama is directed by Gianpaolo Tescari, co-produced by Rai Com, with Rai Fiction and Clemart (cast: Lino Guanciale, Maria Vera Ratti, Antonio Milo, Enrico Ianniello and Serena Iansiti)

The new series that will be broadcasted on RAI 1 from March 6th, was screened to buyers during the European Film Market 2023, in Berlin, as Rai Com handles international distribution.