Novecento – The Movies, ten new titles available on the on-demand channel

Only films that have made history. To kick off February, ten new films have been added to the Novecento – The Movies platform. Four masterpieces by François Truffaut (“The Hot Lover“, “The Lady Next Door“, “The 400 Blows“, “Pull on the Pianist“), Steno’s comedies (“Sue me“, “Three Tigers against Three Tigers“), Luciano Salce (“The… Belpaese“), Carlo Vanzina (“Il ras del quartiere“), and the timeless films of Franco Zeffirelli (“The Young Toscanini“) and John Duigan (“Sirens”). The selection of films on the Rai Com on-demand channel, available on Prime Video, now includes two masterpieces starring Monica Vitti, who passed away in February last year: “The Pizza Triangle“ by Ettore Scola and “Scusa se è poco” by Marco Vicario.