Lollobrigida, De Santis and Teodoli: an Italian icon

“With the passing of Gina Lollobrigida, Italy has lost an international film star and a woman who, with very different roles and in very different spheres, was able to leave her own original mark on Italy’s cultural and artistic fabric in the post-war and modern era.” This is how Rai Com President Teresa De Santis and CEO Angelo Teodoli remembered the actress who, together with Sophia Loren, for many years represented an icon of Italian glamour: “Her unforgettable performances, her television appearances, her important journalistic interviews and her work as a photographer and sculptress – the statement continues – form the portrait of a multi-talented and highly intelligent woman who was much more than the legendary ‘Bersagliera’, embodying a model of femininity that still speaks to younger generations of women today.”