“ITALIANA” introduces the first multi-platform international tool to support the “Sistema Paese” (Country System) that Rai Com places at the disposal of leading national organisations, in order to tell the world about Italy’s businesses, products and regions. The first series (2015) consists of 28 episodes, each lasting 26 minutes. It was broadcast in China, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and Canada, for a total of around 40 countries, and in various different languages. The second “Italiana” series (currently in production) is a factual documentary  production divided  into 24  episodes,  each  22 minutes in length. It will be broadcast, beginning in 2017, in more than 100 countries and across 5 different continents. The programme format consists of a number of short features dedicated to the various areas in which Italy is a pillar of excellence, with ample time dedicated to companies, regions and culture. The features are arranged into the following categories: La grande bellezza (The Great Beauty), I percorsi del Gusto (Taste Trails), the Italian Way of Life, Fashion, Design, Tradizione ed Innovazione(Tradition and Innovation).


“Italiana” is also a quarterly bilingual (Italian and English) print magazine. Much care is dedicated to its layout and visual appearance. It is distributed to key representatives of Italian and foreign institutions, as well as to opinion leaders in industry and culture. “Casa Italiana” is a showcase for Italian excellence. It is set up on the occasion of major cultural and sporting events around the world. “Casa Italiana” first appeared in Beijing, where it was put together in collaboration with the Italian Athletics Federation during the World Athletics Championships in August 2015. For 10 days, “Casa Italiana” was an exclusive space where visitors could experience Italy while in Beijing. Events included workshops, business meetings between Italian and foreign companies, official cocktails and cultural activities, exhibitions and screenings.

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