RAI Com, the commercial branch of RAI Group, has launched a call for Expression of Interest (EOI).

The call for Expression of Interest is open until January 30th, 2018.

The call addresses companies working in the field of streaming video platforms.

The purpose of this call for EOI is to provide Rai Com with a list of pre-selected candidates as Rai Com is about to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) aiming to select a Supplier For An International Pay Ott Platform (Development, Operation).

Rai Com will thus identify companies who could be selected to make proposals to Rai Com; this call for EOI does not constitute an invitation to tender. Only companies deemed qualified by Rai Com will receive the invitation to tender.

Company Background

Rai Com is the commercial branch of RAI Group, devoted to the management and dissemination of intellectual property rights from RAI Group and third parties, through the development and distribution of commercial products and services worldwide.  Rai Com was created as an integrated business unit to best exploit commercial opportunities on behalf of RAI Group, thus supporting the Group’s mission to become a leading media company in Italy and the world.  This is achieved by producing innovative content with a multi platform approach to reach wider audiences and targeted markets.  Rai Com’s activities are consistent with international benchmarks, where public and private broadcasters are diversifying their revenue streams in response to an increasingly sophisticated and competitive global communications market.

OTT Project Overview

Within the progressive transformation of RAI Group into a media company, the former has in recent years started an editorial and technological innovation process.

Within this context, Rai Com has initiated a project aimed at launching a linear and non-linear Italian language content offer outside Italy, through a Pay OTT platform. Such project is aimed at creating an attractive and compelling content offer for the world’s Italian language speakers.

The International service will be available on a Business to Consumer (B2C) model directly to users. Additionally there will be a Business to Business (B2B) offering to local Pay TV platforms,both as a product ready to be placed inside (and integrating with) the operator’s existing digital or OTT offer, and as a technical delivery means for operators.

  • Target Launch May/June 2018
  • 35 Countries/Regions
  • Microsoft Windows, IOS, Android, main Smart TVs and streaming devices. All else nice to have.
  • 9-12 Live Channels
  • 7 Day Catch-Up
  • 3000 Hours of VOD – 320/400 hours monthly refresh rate
  • SVOD for the entire service, free access only as promotional / marketing, TVOD in second phase
  • B2C – which will be monetized through our service.

Submitting an application

Any interested company wishing to participate in the call to EOI procedure is invited to submit an application that must include the following information:

  • Company’s nationality
  • Year of foundation
  • Number of employees
  • Experience in  delivering end-to-end OTT platforms
  • Experience in multi-territory OTT platforms
  • Names of any broadcaster/channel clients for OTT services already being provided

Submissions may start from the date of publication on our website.

Applications must be sent to the following e-mail address: by January 30th  2018.

Rai Com is the sole judge as to the selection of the companies. The selection will take into account the answers according to the following criteria:

  • Company reputation and experience
  • Experience in video streaming/OTT platforms

RaiCom will proceed at a later stage to invite to a possible restricted selection procedure the companies who have expressed their interest and who are considered by Rai Com to have the requirements needed to participate in the RFP.


January  11, 2018