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The ninth edition of Melò will be held in Palermo, the Italian Capital of Culture 2018, on October 12-13.

Acknowledging Palermo’s role as the cultural crossroads of the Mediterranean, Melò will explore three main themes: Music as heritage, The Paths of Theater, Music as Dialogue.
For this Sicilian edition, Rai Com innovates the Melò format, by doubling it:


Melò, the traditional appointment with the world of Theatre Foundations and Opera Houses, mainly for music operators, will be held on Saturday 13th in Palazzo dei Normanni, from 9.45 to 18.00.


•  School of Melò, dedicated to the youth, to schools of the territory, with an offer of educational, formative and performative elements, will be held on Friday 12th, in the Teatro Massimo, from 10.00 to 13.00.


Melò is an occasion for debate, analysis, information and promotion of music in all its aspects, a sort of general assembly of music, in close contact with Italian and foreign broadcasters, media distributors, music managers and critics, authors, artists, and publishers.