Mobile Equipment

  • N. 1 OB VAN 4K complete and functional in all its parts in order to achieve multicam shooting of the work
  • n.09 TLC in 4K in HDR mode complete with optics and all remote systems in addition to tripods and heads. At least 2 TLCs have to be super-35mm Sony F55 or equivalent, while the rest can be Sony 4300 or equivalent – cameras of different types must be calibrated so that the images do not show any apparent differences
  • n. 1 JimmyJib (TLC included in the above mentioned 9)
  • Power for the obvan


  • n.05 long 4K Certified Optics (to be defined at a lookup but presumably minimum of 72x)
  • n.03 normal 4K Certified Optics (to be defined during inspection)
  • n. 1 4K Certified Wide Angle Optics
  • Recorders
  • Possibility to record 10 video tracks for 2 evenings (9 tlc + mix) in HDR at 50fps
  • Duration of show about 2h 30 + interval x 2 evenings

Technical staff

  • 1 audio technician
  • 1 4K Engineer
  • 1 or 2 CCU Operator
  • video mixers
  • 7 Camera Operators
  • + all the staff needed for assembly, disassembly and normal and correct operation of the vehicle including technicians, drivers, groups coordinator, laborers etc…


  • Monitor service and engeneering required for audio signal reception and premixing.
  • All the fiber needed to connect the shooting points atl’OB Van.
  • Public land occupation – permits – safety certifications.
  • Possibility to convert the shooting files in low quality for the studio of the director.
  • Everything needed for normal production and completion of production.


  1. 1 4K camcorder of the same kind that will be used by obvan, complete with stand, optic, 4K monitor, registration cards, n.1 ENG model lights kit, n.1 Sennheiser audio kit with microphone and rod, 2 Sennheiser collars.

This ENG crew for (5 days total) is used by the DOP for the light tests and by Rai Com to record backstage and interviews with the protagonists of the work.

Responses from company interested in providing the above services to Rai Com must be sent to the following e-mail address: by 31 of May 2017 also indicating any previous experience of filming the events of musical works.

RaiCom will proceed at a later stage to invite to a possible restricted selective procedure the companies who have expressed their interest in the email address were considered to be in possession of requirements needed to perform the service.”