The Cultural Heritage division promotes and expands awareness of Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage at home and abroad in several ways, including through innovative projects with a high technological impact. One of the most important of these is “Opera Omnia”.


The idea behind “Opera Omnia” project is to share Italian cultural heritage by exhibiting high definition, true-to-size reproductions of painting masterpieces housed in museums throughout the world. The reproductions are the work of professionals in the field of art images, who recreate the chosen pieces using sophisticated technologies and remaining absolutely true to the originals, resulting in “digital paintings” both exciting and moving to behold. Thanks to “Opera Omnia”, the complete works of a given artist, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael or Caravaggio, can be seen in one place. The difficulties involved in organising such an exhibition of original works – due to the high costs and problems associated with moving paintings from various museums around the world – make “Opera Omnia” a valuable tool. To date, Rai has put together over 30 exhibitions in Italy and abroad, which have received the approval of respected art historians and critics and been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors.